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What We Do


We’re here for you.


EZ-Spectrum exists to serve you—sometimes in ways you haven’t yet imagined. In fact, beyond our services listed here, our innovative tools can be employed to identify the most efficient and cost-effective tower sites in your domain.


Take a look at this service-list overview, then get in touch for a personalized plan.


Basic Services

  • Identification of licensable frequencies available, including those unknown by others

  • Creation of optimum spectrum plan for system build and/or upgrade

Emergency Services

  • Remedy of urgent licensing problems

  • Resolution recommendations for unusable systems due to interference


  • Subscription-based monitoring of call sign(s) for possible co/adjacent channel interferors

  • Protection against sources of system interference

  • E-mail alerts of applicable FCC rule changes

  • Technical response on your behalf during FCC public comment periods regarding others’ license applications (additional costs apply)

Interference Analysis

  • Analysis and identification of sources of poor functionality

  • Recommendations provided by Tusa Consulting to solve interference issues


  • Automatic monitoring of your FCC license pool of call signs

  • Timely reminders to renew call signs and respond to FCC inquiries

  • Protection against call sign loss due to personnel changes


  • Automatic monitoring of tower light operational status

  • Initiation of FAA NOTAM declarations when tower lights become inoperable/restored