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Jack (Tripp) Forrest, P.E., Manager

Jack (Tripp) Forrest, P.E., Manager


Tripp embodies the EZ-Spectrum philosophy: accuracy, transparency, integrity. Tripp’s clients appreciate his attentiveness to detail, his willingness to “roll up his sleeves,” and his ability to instinctively and consistently uncover what others fail to find.

Tripp oversaw the development of EZ-Spectrum while enjoying a successful career at Tusa Consulting Services as an RF Consultant. He’s also served as a lead radio engineer for State of Florida’s 800MHz Public Safety Radio Systems. While employed with Florida’s Department of Management Services, Tripp developed and/or refined numerous software applications used by Florida’s counties to self-mitigate 800MHz interference (i.e., FRIP) as well as those for the identification of potential tower site resources.

A registered professional engineer, Tripp holds a degree in electrical engineering with a specialty in RF propagation and electronics from Florida State University.